Andrea Pirlo was appointed as Juventus coach

Immediately after the dismissal of Maurizio Sarri, the Juventus leadership decided to appoint Andrea Pirlo as a Juventus coach under a two-year contract.

Andrea Pirlo được bổ nhiệm làm HLV trưởng Juventus

Maurizio Sarri paid a heavy price for Juventus being knocked out of the eighth Champions League round by Lyon when he received a citation yesterday (8/8). The seats were hot, but in the end, it was Andrea Pirlo who was chosen.
The talented former Italian midfielder took over as coach of the Juventus U23 team 9 days ago. Now, Pirlo is promoted to be the new captain of the “old lady” with a contract lasting 2 years.
The line on the Juventus homepage: “The club decided to put their faith in Andrea Pirlo to lead the first team, after being selected as Juventus U23 coach.

Juventus chính thức sa thải HLV Maurizio Sarri | Thể thao | Báo ...

The leadership believes that Pirlo is qualified enough to bring the team of many talented Juventus players to new success.
In the past, Andrea Pirlo had 4 impressive years of playing in the “old lady” shirt from 2011 to 2015. The Italian midfielder had 164 times for Juventus.
To date, Pirlo had no experience coaching a professional football team. However, the president of Juventus – Mr. Andrea Agnelli is very confident in the ability of the 41-year-old former player on the steering bench

Author: Alma Nelson