Bruce Lee’s “martial secret” skillful technique that he himself could not achieve

Bruce is a legend of world martial arts, not just an ordinary martial artist, but he has reached the level of a ‘great master’ of martial arts.

These experiences are summarized in the book “Chinese Gung-Fu: The Philosophical Art of Self Defense”, which records the views of martial spirit as well as that of the famous sportsman, which describes the public style.
The Tiet Quyen Dao, actually is not just a martial art, it is a philosophy of martial arts. Bruce Lee’s book is detailed, but actually revolves around a few points of view that he once said with words.

I am not creating a new genre, or synthesizing, changing anything from Chinese Kungfu to creating Jubilee. On the contrary, I want people who follow this martial art to learn to forget about things. It is called martial arts, stereotyping. Remember that the Jihadist is just a name, and sometimes it is not necessary to pay too much attention to a name to forget its intrinsic nature.
A sentence by Bruce shows his superiority in martial arts as well as his view of martial arts beyond the level of contemporary (and modern) masters, when it has reached the level of philosophy. Chinese martial arts kungfu is influenced by Taoism with the classic work of the Tao Te Ching, right at the beginning of this work it says: “Dao kungfu, extraordinary way; Honorable name, extraordinary reputation” (Dao can be said, is no longer the eternal religion, The name can be called, is not a constant name). And Bruce emphasizes that ‘Jail of the Rights’ is just a name he gives.

Maybe Bruce has never read the Tao Te Ching, but what he found about martial arts is completely consistent with those in Taoist works.
Learn principles, obey rules and then forget about them. In a short time, follow patterns but don’t let yourself be stereotyped to them. Don’t get caught in principles. Rigidity. Learn, practice and succeed. “
“The highest realm in martial arts is to take the right move to win. No move is the ultimate move. My attack is the result of the opponents attack. Every move, one thing. My movements, all because of my opponents previous actions. “
People are living beings, the number of martial arts is dead, yet many people who have learned martial arts since the beginning of the beginning have taken the skill as weight and abandoned their natural reason, attached to the moves and principles. Because of that, Bruce wants his learners of the Juxtaposition to not consider it a martial art and be encapsulated by it. At the same time, Bruce Lee said that his Jealousy does not have a move, but his move is the result of the opponents actions.

Author: Alma Nelson