Can Ronaldo play until 41?

Fitness coach Mick Clegg worked with Ronaldo at Old Trafford under Sir Alex Ferguson and insisted the 35-year-old striker was “the best athlete I’ve ever seen“.
Ronaldo has yet to show signs of fatigue when wearing Juventus at the age of “hash“. He helped the Turin team to be crowned Serie A with 52 goals in the last two seasons. Clegg expert said that Ronaldo can completely extend his career for at least six more years like legendary Ryan Giggs.

Before Ronaldo, the athlete who takes care of himself the most was Ryan Giggs. Ronaldo is the strongest, paying attention to detail. If Giggs plays at United until the age of 40, then Ronaldo can play until 41. He practices a lot, has his own people cooking, and knows how to avoid stress, ”Clegg told Gazzetta Dello Sport.

Mr. Clegg also believes that Ronaldo will soon break the record of Josef Bican – striker scoring the most goals in official competitions with 805 goals. Ronaldo currently has 746 goals after scoring in Portugal’s win over Andorra.

Ronaldo plays well regardless of age thanks to a great diet that includes swordfish, chicken, and many salads in 6 meals a day. He also especially likes tuna and braised cod. The Portuguese superstar sleeps a lot during the day, combined with the Pilates method to increase resistance, flexibility and keep the abdominal muscles always firm.

Juventus striker also invested a £ 50,000 Cryotherapy room to recover after the match. Ronaldo will soak in a water tank at -200 degrees to “maintain” the muscle mass. In particular, he did not touch any alcohol drops. With such a strict care regime, Ronaldo will shine through more seasons.

Author: Alma Nelson