How strictly does Ronaldo practice at MU during Christmas?

Former teammate at MU, Berbatov insisted that training with Ronaldo was like a war because the Portuguese striker wanted to win everything and made Alex Ferguson’s entire squad more competitive.

Although Juventus’s superstar is about to turn 36, he still maintains a high intensity training process and perfect physique.

Therefore, what Berbatov mentioned confirmed the former left-back Patrice Evra’s words, which advised everyone to “say no” if Ronaldo invites lunch because CR7 will make them work hard to enjoy the dish.

Evra may be half joking, but striker Berbatov is not when he remembers his days with Ronaldo. “I am a lucky guy sharing that season together. He takes care of himself very well. You came to practice and he was in the gym.

“Then he stayed to do more of the kicking on goal. He continued to swim and went back to the gym. He is determined to be the best. Training with him is like a fight, because I don’t think about anything other than winning everything, even the small games we play.

But that’s not bad at all. Cristiano is a good guy who boosts the team atmosphere.
He’s cheerful and affectionate. In the Christmas parties we host, the players have a good time, but are very professional. I have never seen him drink even in those days.” On this occasion, he is still practicing non-stop.

Author: Alma Nelson