Inspire the Olympic

By the end of June, more than 500,000 people were Olympic champions, sports talent, refugee team players, legends of football, volleyball, athletics … as well as fans from around the world. Join the largest online Olympic practice session in 20 time zones.

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They hope the honest and noble Olympic flame will burn forever, to encourage the movement of sport to spread to the corners of the world.
That online practice session is not confined to any framework. Participants who are professional athletes can show off their gymnastics, bicycling, jogging, swimming, or maybe just plank training movements that are flourishing on social networks for practicing. amateur sports. More importantly, the message delivered by more than 500,000 people in a particular or general way is aimed at a noble goal: for the longevity and beauty of the Olympic movement.
More than 141 athletes in 47 sports took part in both online practice sessions and a special edition online video program to introduce a series of challenging moves, from increased movements. strengthen muscles with Olympic ice hockey champion Natalie Spooner until bananas with banana athlete Kyla Ross (USA).
All activities on all media have created an extremely interesting dialogue around the world. The Instagram account shared the Olympic Day activity among a community of 428 million followers. In addition, on 14.5 million people on Olympic social media interacted with the content that inspired the Olympic Day.
Boxer Wessam Salamana (Syria) immediately shared the message about the spirit of non-giving training and Olympic aspirations to live forever, hoping to become a member of the refugee team of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is contested at the Tokyo Olympics next year. Wessam, together with 11 athletes who received a scholarship from the IOC, held a training session at a refugee camp in Kakuma (Kenya), inspiring many, even sending messages of hope and resilience. show the world to climate change and disease spread.

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Olympic badminton runner-up Sindhu (India) introduces the world to daily meditation skills that will help calm the mind and make it more confident when entering a new working day. Meanwhile, athlete Pita Taufatofua (Australia), who is famous for being able to compete in taekwondo at the Summer Olympics, has just competed in cross-country skiing at the Winter Olympics, kicking off the online practice session from his hometown, then traveled all the time zones to Honolulu with a face soaked with sweat but rejoicing in practicing sports.
The IOC said the event attracted the active participation of both professional athletes and ordinary people, helping the world come together, honoring the spirit of solidarity, the aspiration to rise up together with sports.

Author: Alma Nelson