Lampard is ready to change the way Chelsea practice towards big goals

The Blues captain was concerned about the long-term health of his players and called for the publication of the appropriate instructions.

Lampard talked about football and amnesia

British legend Sir Bobby Charlton was recently diagnosed with dementia. His former teammate at the Three Lions, Nobby Stiles, passed away last month after fighting this horrible disease.

Recent research indicates that players are more likely to develop dementia later on due to their headers. But the clubs have yet to be notified to make any changes in the training process.

Frank Lampard feels the matter should be looked at and he can personally make some adjustments during his coaching at Chelsea to ensure the safety of his players. The former England midfielder said on Thursday:

“The rules need to have more weight to make sure we don’t force kids to practice like that if they’re not needed. As football progressed, it was more than it could have been. We have to start with youth football.

As children grow, we can control the level of exercise. Whatever we can do to make things safer, we should. I think we can build a set of rules. In the short term, I will definitely consider how the team practices because of the seriousness of the problem.

On the professional level, the small benefits are enormous and we need to ensure that all are working on the same principles and trusting each other. Currently, there are no instructions at all. It has to be something that goes from top to bottom.

Author: Alma Nelson