Ronaldo was the first player to make a billion dollars

Due to playing professionally with Lionel Messi three years, Cristiano Ronaldo accumulated more than $ 400 million from his colleague in 17 years of playing football.
Cristiano Ronaldo has a pre-tax income of $ 105 million in 2019, and rose to fourth place in the top 100 sport-entertainment characters with the most assets, according to Forbes. The Portuguese superstar ranks above Lionel Messi, and becomes the first football player in history to make a billion dollars.

Ronaldo còn hai năm hợp đồng với Juventus. Ảnh: AP.

Before Ronaldo, only two other athletes did this while competing, including Tiger Woods (2009) and Floyd Mayweather (2017). While the American golfer earns most of his money from a lifetime contract with Nike, his countryman is said to pocket more than $ 500 million from the last two boxing matches of his career with Manny Pacquiao and Conor McGregor.
“Ronaldo is one of the greatest players of all time, when football is the most popular sport on the planet with a wealth of money from billionaires,” said Nick Harris, an expert at Sporting Intelligence. close to the income of athletes, told Forbes.

Ronaldo lỡ 10 giải thưởng sau khi rời Real

In 17 years of playing professionally, Ronaldo earned about $ 650 million from salaries, bonuses, and football activities. When the current contract with Juventus expires in the summer of 2022, the Portuguese captain is expected to raise this figure to $ 765 million.
The income of Messi, who started playing professional football after Ronaldo three years, is currently at $ 605 million. However, the duo still far exceeds the rest of the sports world. The closest person to these numbers in the past five years has been Alex Rodriguez, baseball player of the New York Yankees. When he retired in 2016, he earned $ 450 million in salary.
The income of David Beckham’s career as a player, a symbol of making money through football a decade ago, was about $ 500 million. Half of this comes from advertising activities.
“Thanks to the orientation of Jorge Mendes and the company Gestifute, Ronaldo attracts a large number of fans. He takes care of his body, updates the fashion trends,” Forbes explained the billionaire income of the ball superstar. Portuguese stone.
In January 2020, Ronaldo was the first individual to own more than 200 million followers on Instagram. Including Facebook and Twitter, the owner of the Golden Ball has a total of 427 million followers, and is the most famous athlete on the planet. Thanks to a lifetime contract with Nike since 2016, Ronaldo receives a regular $ 20 million yearly. He is the third person, after Michael Jordan and LeBron James to have this.
Besides advertising contracts, Ronaldo also develops his business. He owns the CR7 brand, which sells perfumes, shoes, underwear, and other accessories for men. Since 2015, the Juventus superstar has jumped into real estate, and has built a hotel chain in Portugal.
Due to Covid-19, Ronaldo was reduced by 30% and is expected to receive only $ 60 million in 2020, less than two-thirds of the amount Messi will receive (about $ 104 million). The captain of Barca is likely to be the second player, after Ronaldo, to reach a billion-dollar income.

Author: Alma Nelson