The athlete takes 15 years to break his own record

The athlete Keira D’Amato (USA) completed a distance of 5 km in 15 minutes and 4 seconds, 1 minute faster than the record she achieved as a student.
On Sunday, June 14, the 35-year-old mother – Keira D’Amato – went to high school in Richmond (Virginia, USA) to line up for a 5-kilometer (often called 5K) test. A week ago, she consulted Sil Frantz – a former Georgetown University athlete – how to speed up the competition. After the U.S Olympic Marathon many years ago, Sil Frantz did not train but still supported D’Amato.

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The contest D’Amato participated in was a small event, with only she and Sil Frantz competing. D’Amato’s friends, husband, and coach came to cheer her on.
At the last 400 meters, D’Amato ran for 66 seconds with blistering feet, still smiling and energetic. The contest results were better than expected, and she completed 5 km in 15 minutes and 4 seconds, 1 minute faster than the individual record that had reached the university level 15 years ago. This achievement helped her exceed the standard of running 5K in the 2020 Olympic Games, ranking 7 runners over 35 years fastest running the 5 km race.

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D’Amato has been a professional runner since he matriculated at American University. She won the All-American race four times, 11 times winning the Patriot League. In 2006, she graduated and continued to practice in Richmond, Virginia (USA). However, she suffered from a metatarsal injury, was forced to take a break from running for surgery, then switched to real estate brokerage, marriage, and childbirth.
At the age of 30, D’Amato returned to his unfinished plans for racing. Over the past few years, she has run from 100 miles to 130 miles per week to compete in the marathon. She achieved 2 hours 34 minutes 55 seconds at the Marathon Berlin 2019, qualified for the U.S. competition Olympic Marathon Trials 2020.

D’Amato has no sponsors, buys equipment, and pays to run events, but she doesn’t mind. She completed the 15th marathon in 2 hours 34 minutes 24 seconds. After that, she spent a few weeks resuscitating and accelerating from 60 to 100 miles per week this spring.
In one month, D’Amato ran 70 miles in the first week, the weeks went up by 80, 90, 100 miles, then went back to the starting point and continued the new cycle. Before taking the 5K exam, the coach instructed her to run 95 miles, without a break. In fact, for the past two years, she had only taken a few days off for unexpected reasons. According to D’Amato, this personal record is not a miracle but a result of hard work.

Author: Alma Nelson