The secret of psychological training in tennis competition

“If you can meet glory or vice versa, treat those two impostors the same.” – Rudyard Kipling

The secret to victory is to maintain priority: to put joy higher than accuracy. Unfortunately, in many competitions, people reverse this priority because the importance of each ball line is created at the same time as accuracy is a stressful state that overcomes fun and relaxation. their. On the other hand, talented players always give priority to joy, even in the most important points: a talented player naturally needs a precise shot but he has no way of sacrificing. The comfort and flexibility of the racquet line for this exact requirement. It is the first priority that determines the competitor’s talent

In recent years, a lot of research has been done in the field of the effect of imaginary manipulations on the competition. Scientists find that if we build in our minds an imaginary image like a movie of our victory, any instability we may encounter during competition will not have a profound impact. to me be. A little obstacle will not ruin my whole game.
Before entering the game, use your imagination in the following way: in a private space, imagine you are filming a winning movie of your own coming. Let the camera record you leaving the house, the pitch, the boot. Record both views of the last two points in the match, both of which you win (imagine). Go back to the scene where you ran to the net and shook hands with the defeated. Watch the transcript write down the final result. And the scene of congratulations …

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Here are some useful techniques to help you feel more confident when playing against an opponent who feels better than you.
First, ask yourself what the word “better than me” really means. Perhaps you will find that it means that the opponent will win you more times than you will win him. Next, pretend that you and your opponent play a set every day. Now you ask yourself: “How many times does he win me a year?” “If he is much better than you, you can come up with a number, such as 360 times. Thus, the opponent will win 360 times and you will win 5 times.
Suddenly, you establish an important factor: you can actually win against your opponent. Probably only 5 times a year but now you know you can win the match. The only thing is to make today one of those 5 winning days.
The essence of this technique is that it allows both you and the opponent the same chance of winning. You know that the opponent is probably always better than you and you can still beat him today. Every time you play, you have to turn today into a victory day.

The core of psychological training in tennis is that you have to know your purpose before playing against someone. Do you really want to win or not? Many people often lose because they are unclear and honest about their goals as rivals. The best competitions in all fields of sport or art is not only a battle of talent but far more, they are also a competition for purpose. Make sure that before you play, you have to know what you want to achieve on the pitch. There is nothing wrong with your intention of being just a bonus. The problem will arise about what you really want. Be very honest and wise about your goals and comment on what happens on the pitch.

Author: Alma Nelson