Trying to lift the 400kg weight, the Russian athlete broke both knees

At the European Championship held in Moscow city (Russia), Russian record-breaking athlete Alexander Sedykh suffered a serious injury when trying to lift a 400kg weight.

Hình ảnh lực sĩ gặp tai nạn ở mức tạ 400kg /// Ảnh: Chụp màn hình

The accident caused the defending European champion athlete to break both knees, but fortunately the barbell with enormous weight did not fall on Sedykh. Video of the horrifying accident shows Sedykh’s body starting to ‘shiver’ as he tried to hold himself under extreme pressure.

Just seconds after doing the squat, the Russian athlete fell and broke his legs. Sedykh was immediately taken to a nearby hospital and he underwent a six-hour complicated surgery on both knees.

Cố nâng mức tạ 400kg, lực sĩ người Nga gãy cả hai đầu gối  - ảnh 1

“The main thing is, I had to stay motionless in bed for two months,” Sedykh said after the terrible accident. Then I will practice walking. It will take time to recover. I reshaped the muscles since my head and knees were fused together. ”
In addition to a knee fracture, Sedykh also had a few ligament breaks in his shoulder and neck, but not too seriously. Plus the new injury, the ability of the defending champion to return to play is still open.

Cố nâng mức tạ 400kg, lực sĩ người Nga gãy cả hai đầu gối  - ảnh 2

Remember at the Eurasian weightlifting championships held in Khabarovsk, Russia. Athlete Yaroslav Radoshkevich, after failing twice at 250 kg, decided to try his third time. Under the weight of the bar on his shoulder, the 20-year-old athlete could not control his body, causing his legs to suffer. fracture.
According to reports, athlete Radoshkevich suffered a broken shin bone and broke both ankles. Severe injury caused the young athlete to be absent from competition and practice for at least 6 months. However, he was unable to return to play again.

Author: Alma Nelson