Why Chinese basketball could not create Jeremy Lin ver 2?

Born on August 23, 1988, Jeremy Lin is considered one of the best players in Asian basketball. Compared to legendary Yao Ming, Lin’s media influence is not inferior, even leaving a lot of impressions for basketball fans around the world.

The image of a defender holding the ball in front of millions of eyes will make people search for more Jeremy Lin’s name, who is he? from where? Lin was born in California but his parents are both Taiwanese.

That leaves hundreds of millions of Chinese basketball fans expecting their nation to make an excellent defender similar to Jeremy Lin, but the reality is that after decades, it’s still a dream!
Many people find out why basketball is a sport of particular interest in China, with a country of billions of people unable to find an Asian defender, let alone the world?
Jim Yardley, the former director of the New York Times office in Beijing, seems to have a satisfactory answer to that question. That’s how athlete selection and rigid training methods make athletes become medal plow robots.

The method of “molten iron” training is ingrained in the Chinese sports system, training athletes to a rigorous curriculum and discipline similar to the military. That approach is somewhat effective, says Yardley.
From five gold medals at the 1988 Olympics, China had 51 Gold medals at the 2008 Olympics. However, the rigid training methods destroyed all the qualities that a basketball defender needs These are: Creativity, freedom, leadership and a little … selfishness.
“A lot of young men come and tell me that they are capable of playing football but are always denied professional coaching. The center’s entry system puts a strict requirement on height, otherwise At minimum height they will be immediately eliminated no matter how well they perform, “said Yardley.

That stiffness made it impossible for Chinese basketball to find outstanding defenders. Sports experts say that China is forgetting that strength is dexterity and sensitivity, and instead, its basketball focuses on muscle development.
Jeremy Lin is really a rare gem because he was fortunate to be born and raised in the United States, the free environment helps the defender to fully exploit his ability to become one of the role models for basketball. China must crave!

Author: Alma Nelson